MOODY AS ALWAYS – turning my boredom into collages


Just some random collages & moodboards I’ve made for the blog, out of boredom, or for some friends…enjoy!

I learned how to work photoshop a bit back in elementary and middle school, so when I decided to try and mess around with it again I realized I had forgotten a lot more than I assumed … lol oops! What can you do. However, this quarantine time has allowed me to use the computer more ~freely~ as there are more people around to help entertain lil Ripley.
I figured learning how to make my own collages, backgrounds, and moodboards would be a good thing to invest my free time in because they are so popular these days and I have always loved making them in real life! So old fashioned of me, but a fun, cut and paste, magazine scrap moodboard or collage is how I relax and find inspo.
I still need to brush up on my skills a little bit, but I am having so much fun with it!

If anyone wants me to make them one, feel free to let me know! I would love to! I definitely have more fun making them for others anyways (:

☄︎ Blasting off,




MOODY AS ALWAYS – turning my boredom into collages


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