Since this country has gone into panic mode & all the essentials are wiped out of absolutely every story, here is my favorite DIY hand sanitizer mixture I found off of Poosh’s website — You can read their article here.

✰ The CDC has recommended that to best fight off this virus the hand sanitizer you use should have at least 60% alcohol in its ingredients, but naturally all of those are sold out & on back order until basically next year… SO here you go!


✰ 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol

✰ 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin {this is optional & I leave it out}

✰ 1 cup of aloe vera gel

✰ 15 drops of tea tree oil

✰ 15 drops of cinnamon essential oil

✰ distilled water to your desired consistency

✰ I also add some eucalyptus because I love the refreshing smell!

Here is the link to the CDC article about hand sanitizer & keeping up with using it when in large, community like settings.

Also, just a random FYI about the featured image for this post. I saw it the other day on instagram as a caption from JulieDiamondFitness & really loved the message she was putting forward. Everyone is panicking & creating mass anxiety & fear, so I felt the need to share her message in hopes people remember to stay as calm as possible & cherish the most important things in life during such a hectic period. ✝︎ ☆ ☀︎ ✌︎

☄︎Blasting off,

The Rocket Mama ✰✰




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