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A completely different blog post in the works that I had planned on posting, then to no surprise I got distracted and checked my email. I only read one email, but it made me super driven to write this post! The email was from BONDI GURU – a daily intuitive horoscope I have sent daily to my inbox. I won’t go into too much detail about what the email said about me today, but it did talk a lot about POTENTIAL.


~~just a lil side thought~~

Sometimes I obsessively think about my potential and the potential of those around me. There is no specific reason for me to do that, I think it comes from an inner fear of finding myself at the end of my life with regrets. As I got older I started to feel like it was almost the “cool” (for lack of a better word) thing to do- not live up to your potential. To not try hard, to be a bit lazy, to not give 100% at things. I HATE that mindset and honestly had a really hard time liking people who looked at life that way.

Now I have grown a bit, matured you could say, and have found my voice. If you knew me back before college, I am sure to some it would be shocking to find out that I talk so much I annoy myself lol. I used to be pretty shy and fairly quiet. An ~observer~ …which I still do now but I have learned to talk and observe simultaneously.

In finding my voice…

I am no longer afraid to say what is on my mind and am not afraid to tell people they are not living up to their potential. No longer do I dislike the people with a mindset of going through life giving half ass effort to everything. Instead, if I believe they have so much more potential than what they are using, I will tell them. Trust me I know it is annoying. I kinda hate when I do this, but I wish when I was younger someone would have told me all the potential I had and what I was wasting.

On the bright side…

…this pandemic has brought me a lot of clarity and peace of mind. I recently have been feeling very drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, as well as the deeper meaning in everything around me. I have found myself enjoying every little moment, letting myself feel what I feel, crying when I feel like crying, and also started realizing the boundaries I need to set for myself.

{the blog post I was working on before this was about how I never allowed myself to care for myself. I would distract and consume my thoughts with what others needed and what I was bad at or behind on- so even when I was thinking about me, it was always negative. that one will go into more detail about ^^^ the more emotional discoveries i’ve made during this quarantine/pandemic/wild world changing past few months.}


It also has helped me realize what I want my life to look at and what I want to do going forward. Pre-Ripley I had always assumed I was going to graduate, go to law school, become a lawyer and do whatever the hell lawyers do and be successful. BLEH! Though I still desire to go to law school, I realize that my life and direction will be more creative and ~light~ … helping people in a different way. Often times I find myself thinking that if I had become a lawyer I would NOT have ever lived up to my true potential.

I can do a whole lot more than I ever let myself believe, and for that I am grateful.

It is all too common for people to just go through the steps of life, because in a weird way it’s as if society tells us that we are supposed to be borderline miserable when we start our lives as working adults. People who dread work, who think just getting up everyday is a drag. I was almost one of those people! Seriously though, I can truly say that three years ago I would not have believed that my life and future would be full of fun, joyful days with people I love, doing the things I love.

to be honest though, I have no idea what my true potential is

The idea that you are constantly evolving and improving, working towards the next goal and next season of life is, to me, what life is all about. I do not want to label my potential right now, at 23, because I truly have NO CLUE! All we can do as people is to realize where we are lacking in serving our lives, ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and search to be in tune with our potential of THE CURRENT SEASON. 

It took me crashing and burning straight into rock bottom to realize I was on the wrong path for my life. {{aka my pregnancy and all of the realization that came from that… you can read that post here}} That is the only way I would have e v e r realized that I was following the wrong voice in my head. Since then, realigning to my truth has been so much easier because I know what the subtle tap on the shoulder from God feels like.

I found this quote on pinterest the other day…

“your work is to be totally aligned with yourself.” – vanessa feils, spiritual coach & lifestylist

This instantly resonated with me because of how much I have been thinking about my potential recently. 

It is so easy for people to get comfortable in the stage of life they are currently at, but that’s no fun! The fun parts of life come from the unknown, the challenges, the excitement you feel when you put yourself on a limb and SUCCEED! There is truthfully no better feeling! ~~The whole point of life is to continually grow and change – otherwise you’d be dead (thx u can quote me) ~~ nadine krill [you can find her beautiful face here]@nadinekrill


Does anyone have any good tips n tricks on how they stay aligned with themselves?! Let me know!!!




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