〈〈 ☘︎☘︎How my sweet friend, Alex, saved my butt planning the wedding, kept me calm, dealt with my OCD-like planning tendencies, ANDDDD made it one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have!!! ☘︎☘︎〉〉

✐ First, I want to point out that she was not just a great friend that I decided to force into planning my wedding one day; she had interned with an extremely sought after wedding planner. I personally do not suggest to pick a random friend and pray for the best, but if you are that trust then go ahead — or call Alex (-;

✐ I was also already terrified knowing how I am as a person because from day one I just assumed my wedding would be a disaster and it would not go the way I had envisioned in my head, because this has happened a few times before. (btw i’m not one of those people who had been obsessing and dreaming of her wedding since birth, I just have such a hard time releasing the expectations of certain events/things from my mind once I have pictured it perfectly.

✐ PERKS :: of having a friend plan that are not so obvious…

⇢ They truly know your style/flow/design style so time will not be wasted trying to find the perfect scheme; he or she will know exactly the type of things you would like and would recommended them first. 

⇢ You will know that your planner values you as a friend and bride reinforcing her desire to make your day perfect. If you do not have a good connection with your planner things can be awkward, you may be afraid to speak your mind if you dislike something, and (hopefully this never happens) you will know that no matter if or how much money is involved, he or she will do their best work for you. 

⇢ Alex has always been the best person to go to if you want the honest truth, brutal or not, because she has your best interest at heart and would rather tell you that you look ugly than have you potentially not put your best foot forward. I knew that no matter what happened I would have at least one person who would lead me the right way and tell me if she thought I would regret a dress, look, hairstyle, reception decor option, and things along those lines. 

It was just such a comfortable feeling knowing that one of your best friends was helping you perfect this day to the best of their ability. Speaking of comfortable, she also doubled as one of my personal bodyguard and plan reiterator. She took the stress of explaining the plans and having people call me, disrupting my day/night, away because she knew everyone and was able to communicate properly AND ensure they actually listened and were doing what they needed. 

✐ I also have a horrible tendency to avoid/avoid/avoid topics that have potential panic attack inducing information, so basically Alex was my knight in shining armor when it came to putting the wedding together. Did I mention that truly all of the plans were put together about uhhhhh 3 weeks before the wedding day? {I am so so so sorry Alex <3}

✐ Not to mention, our officiant was her amazing boyfriend, Demitrius. He did a better job than I could have ever imagined, and spoke in a way that almost everyone there celebrating felt some type of connection to his words. He was the perfect addition to our day, plus was there to assist us with any last minute details when we were in Sea Pines. 

✐ Another one of the perks that came with having Alex plan for me was that she is the most organized person I know so I was able to relinquish full faith and trust in her ability to get things done for me.

✐ Overall I think my wedding would have been a lot less enjoyable if I had someone I hardly knew helping me plan. It was an instant stress reliever to talk with Alex on the phone, or hear her call with good news. She never became anxious or worried, which obviously helped me relax and start to think that the day may actually not be as bad as I had always expected. She reminded me of things I had brought up in casual conversations regarding the wedding that had completely slipped my mind, she was able to really tap into my wants and needs from my wedding day. 

Well now I think I repeated myself far too many times on how amazing Alex was, so I will move on. Morale of the post is that if you have a friend who loves this type of planning, is in the event/wedding planning field, or is just an extremely organized, design savvy person that you think would do an amazing job at planning your wedding I cannot stress enough how much I recommend asking them to help. I look back now at that day and remember all the funny moments with my friends and husband because I was surrounded by the most amazing, caring group of people!


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