It’s funny because I have been trying to write this blog post for almost two weeks now. But keep struggling to think of what to say when I sit down at my computer. When I am doing random tasks like brushing my teeth, showering, driving, etc., I think of the BEST THINGS to write for this post. Sadly, I never write them down. I think the words will be there when I try to write next time. NOPE. The terms are never there. It is pretty funny, though, considering the topic is about being ~present~ and in sync with the natural rhythms of life. Whenever I schedule a time to finish this blog post, my mind is full of inadequate ways to describe the point I hope to get across.



when I was growing up, “whatever” was my favorite thing to say {I was a bit of a smart ass if you can’t tell}. To the point that I had picture frames and pillows with “whatever” on them. When reading “becoming supernatural” by Dr. Dispenza, he started talking about “whatever” in a unique way. His description of the word was opposite from my previous understanding. 

this quote comes from a paragraph where he was talking about his meditation one morning, “but this time, instead of trying to make something happen, I just let go and said to myself, WHATEVER … Apparently, that was the magic word, I know what that means now. I surrendered, got out of the way, let go of any specific outcome, and simply opened up to the possibility.”

The second I read that paragraph in his book, something in my brain instantly clicked. I had a flashback to being young and laying with my “whatever” pillow on my bed.


As a kid, I always knew I was ~different~ from the other kids my age, but I always just contributed this to going to a school full of literal geniuses’. I was not anywhere near their level of knowledge. Now that does not make as much sense as it did when I was 7, but still, I knew I wasn’t the same. I never felt like I fit in anywhere I was. Still, I, more often than not, feel like I don’t fit in many places. Society {and myself} have embraced the idea of individuality and uniqueness. I no longer care where I do & don’t fit in as long as I am happy & enjoying myself.

Back when I was in the prime of my childhood youth, I could escape the reality of life pretty quickly—slipping off into my little world of daydreams.

I have always been the worst at zoning out anywhere and everywhere. My best thinking happens when I zone out at inappropriate times. Sometimes, this works to my benefit. The “whatever” mentality I acquired as a young girl was my way of allowing myself to be fully PRESENT. To be in tune with the natural rhythms of life at that moment, I  like to think.

It was not until I was about 22 or so that I realized how much of my life I wasted trying to be someone I was not.

What a frickin waste of my youthful imagination. Upon this realization, I have set out in search of myself. It is an astonishingly enlightening journey.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a natural daydreamer. It’s always been a natural sequence for me to think too far into the future.

– not wishing the present away, but just daydreaming about what life may be like later; where I could travel, where I could live, etc.


A few weeks ago, a deep sense of awareness for how quickly time is moving rushed over me. Realizing Ripley is growing quicker each day.

It was terrifyingly beautiful. Yet, in that second, I was focused only on the sweet little boy sitting on my lap. He was reading his favorite book {little blue truck}. I was allowing myself to feel the overwhelming sense of love I have for him. For everything, he has done to change my life. The excruciating regret of overlooking the present filled my mind.

Instantly all the times I’d gotten frustrated and said silly things like, “I can’t wait until he goes to school full time,” or “I wish I had help during the day,” were stabbing me in my emotional center. Memories of those days came rushing back.

Sometimes those tiny moments are overlooked by the stress of our overwhelming world. But they’re the moments that truly define who you are.

Being able to sit with yourself, your mind, body, and soul allow you to be in touch with what you want. What is going to bring you the most joy and fulfillment?


I wanted to write about my recent attempts at being present in life. To appreciate everything for what it is — happy, sad, negative, positive, whatever it may be.

Each season of your life comes with lessons & themes. Mine, at this moment, is all surrounding the idea of being present

Somehow, in my efforts to be more present & in the moment – I am out of words for describing the enchanting beauty that living in the present is. Learning to soak up all the beauty around you is the key; finding beauty in the messy, the sad, the loving, the confusing, the amazing, in everything. Too often, people are rushing to SOMEWHERE?! they think they need to be. In actuality, all it takes to get wherever you want is the ability to live in the present.

Here are some of my notes about my thoughts on this topic →

☆ people, even me, being quick to wish the present away. Always getting too excited over the future.

★ Then all of a sudden, the present is past. There we find ourselves wishing we hadn’t allowed our eyes to blink. Wishing there was a way to go back.

☆ The rhythms are grounding; they make us human. They show us what’s important & what we’re not focusing enough time on

★ Being present is creating RITUALS to be with yourself, embracing all that is life at the moment.

☆ Time moves fast, so why wish it away? Instead, embrace the awkward and uncomfortable. All the sad, grief-filled moments, too, because all of it is shaping us. The more you accept and embrace, the better you’ll be.


“When you move [ half as fast ], you notice TWICE as much” – 3rd ritual

“doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing” – Lao Tzu

“Being alone is not fun at all. But there is a part of it when you find yourself in that solitude. You’re now better at connecting with people. You’re now better at attracting the right people into your life. you’re better at communicating and connecting with them too.” – Jay Shetty

☆ “why wait?! LOVE NOW!” – unknown

“Sometimes, you can get caught up in the narrative and the timeline you set for life. I just wanted to encapsulate taking things one day at a time and that we are all under the same rising and setting sun.” – Tessa Forrest, Subliming

As Always – xoxo




✧ H E R E:  How well do you really know yourself?

✧ H E R E: Who are you? Are you happy? What is your WHY?!




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