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My name is Taylor Curtis Abrigo and welcome to The Rocket Mama blog. Before I jump into explaining my crazy, beautiful life I wanted to let you guys know a little more about me. I hope this blog makes you laugh, cry, and be reminded of the simple joys. I am a 22-year-old newlywed to my high school sweetheart Cris, together we share the most amazing joy filled baby boy, Ripley. He, in fact, is the whole reason why I started this blog. The name, “The Rocket Mama” stems from his nickname “Rip the Rocketship” …not sure where it came from or why, but it stuck and boy does it fit him perfectly.

Cris and I’s lives were completely turned upside down when I found out {at 6 months pregnant…that’s a story for another post} that we were expecting. The day I went to the clinic was actually my 24-week mark…I wish y’all could have been there to see the shock in the room … it was truly priceless. I had been studying Communications and Political Science at The University of Alabama which inconveniently was 12 hours from home and 12 hours from my boyfriend, doctors, and everything else I needed to ensure a smooth pregnancy from then on. In April of my junior year I decided to take my exams early, leave my favorite place on earth, and move back home to prepare for our unexpected blessing that was to come in June.

Here we are a year later, and things are even crazier than before, but it’s been the most beautiful kind of crazy. I’ve celebrated moments I wish could last forever.

Just to name a few …

✰ In May me and my little family {plus all 20+ other aunts/ uncles/ cousins/ sis/ parents/ grandparents/you name it} flew back down to Tuscaloosa for graduation! Let’s just say no one was super into the graduation festivities, because Ripley stole the show but hey, who’s surprised?!
✰ The first weekend in June my {then fiancé} now husband, graduated from college. We spent the weekend with him there and our Sweet Ripley got to walk across the stage with him, stealing the spotlight once again!
✰ At the end of June my husband and I finally moved into a place of our own and tried to figure out how to do life from then on. {and we honestly are still trying to get settled and make this place feel like a true home, but that all comes with time}
✰ At the beginning of July we celebrated Ripley’s first birthday with a ton of family and friends … it was funny to see him be so shy when everyone was singing and celebrating him because that is not the Ripley we are used to!!
✰ We both traveled a lot towards the end of July, right up until the wedding.
✰ The first weekend of August we headed down to Hilton Head to get everything ready for our big day. That whole week completely flew by! We got married on the 10th at the Sea Pines Resort and then spent the next few days relaxing, spending time with our families and friends, and enjoying our first few days as a married couple!

Now that our lives are starting to become a little less hectic and we are finally settling into our new life together, I thought it was the perfect time to start this blog so here we are! I’m so glad y’all decided to join me on this crazy adventure that is my life. I hope my blog is a reminder that your life started with a promise and ends with an adventure, and that nothing is wasted in between. ✰

☄︎ Blasting off,

The Rocket Mama ✰✰




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