The following is a quote from Sarita, the mastermind behind “30 days of being” –

I am committed to transforming my thinking (“I want to share more of myself, and my creation”) into doing (writing every day for 30 days starting 03.30.22) into being (someone who articulates critically, clearly, and creatively). – Sarita Walsh.

Allow me to explain briefly…

Sarita always has inspiring content, but I felt called to participate when I saw this on her story.

Currently, I’m in a transitional state; well, at least I FEEL like I am, lol. I have wanted to share more of my creative side that I have previously been too afraid to share. Her 30 days of being erased the fear that has long convinced me no one cares about what I do or say.

saritawalsh.com/30-days-of-being * – that is the link to Sarita’s website. It links directly to the page for her 30 days of being project!

The Goal ⇾

being committed to transforming my thinking, into doing, into being *

01.) I want to impact others in a way I needed a few years ago. How I am planning to do so by being authentic, open, informed, accepting, patient, and by not letting fear stop me from sharing what I {write & create}. “I want to impact & connect in a meaningful way with people worldwide.”

02.) Into sharing a creation, either written or artistic {i.e., graphics, collages, illustrations, paintings, musings, blog posts, etc.} and by sending a handwritten note to a different person each day for 30 days!

03.) someone who lives intentionally and disrupts the status quo in the name of positive evolvement for myself and society.

I guess I’ll start from the top.

The beginning of me, I suppose?

From my teenage years until about halfway through 2018, I was the exact opposite of the person I am today. For example:


Bold, imaginative, and strong-willed leaders, always finding a way – or making one.” {credit to 16personalities.com/personality-types}

HOWEVER, today I am no longer a Commander; I am the Mediator.


Poetic, kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause.”

So that gives a perspective into my evolvement over the years. It has been a struggle to uncover who I truly am. Often I feel very alone and unloveable because I don’t connect to people the same way I used to, but this is because now I don’t force friendships or relationships. I am instantly aware of who is worth my time and who is not, truly a blessing and a curse.30 days of being

fast facts:

✴︎ Live in Northern VA with C and Ripley

✷ I’m 25 & an Aquarius if you’re into that shit

✴︎ Also, I’ve been obsessed with human design for almost two years now. I’m a 6/2 Generator 

Enneagram 8, and I don’t know what wing I am. I never figured out how to figure that out, lol

✴︎ Roll Tide

✷ depressed DC sports fan with all my eggs in the Caps’ basket

✴︎ I currently have narcolepsy, celiac, and POTs but check back later for updates because I’ll probably have more to add to the list, lol. {If you’re new here, I am the unluckiest human ever and get hurt or sick 24/7. but I also have been through a hell of a lot, so I am always here to chat if you need me!}

✷ A few years ago, I started an event planning business, Eleven Eleven Atelier, that since has transitioned into a branding and web design + event planning business!

✴︎ I desperately wish I was more artistic and could paint or draw, but I pretend. Procreate is where I spend my free time. I often doodle myself to sleep on the couch.

✷ A closeted hopeless romantic with a love of poetry, old-school art, and vintage playboy. Also Paris.

✴︎ There are so many societal issues I desire to conquer and solve within my life when in reality, the chance of my success is slim to none. BUT ONE CAN DREAM, RIGHT! To name a few; education reform, big pharma & health care, journalists acting like they’re elite public figures instead of just giving the facts, whether they’re tragic or delightful. Get to the point. Quit spitting bullshit adjectives with no context and just tell us how it is. Society is confused, and there is no need to be. Also, everyone needs to be less soft and more understanding. Understand that there are lives outside of yours, and just because you and your immediate being would like “XYZ,” it doesn’t mean that’s the only way it can be. Stop fighting and start listening.

I am happiest watching a beautiful sunrise with a coffee. Bonus points for it being a sunrise at the beach or lincoln memorial.

✴︎ Anything else you want to know?? Reach out!! I’m an open book.

All my love –

                                xoxo, T ☺︎


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30 days of being

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